The Right Profile in Hiring

Many people think that there is a perfect profile in hiring. But that is the problem, there is none. You cannot have a perfect list of the person you want to hire. But instead, what you can do is to think of a profile that fits the role you are looking to fill.

Fortunately, we already have a way to profile applicants in order to assess their professional strengths and how it will mix with the company culture that we have. This is not to determine whose profile is better but for companies to harness the possibilities and strengths of personnel to the benefit of the company.

Four Major Professional Profiles

  •  Dominance

It is one of the major measures of a professional personality. It talks about the strength of the character or the aggressiveness of a professional behavior. Sometimes, this is linked to leadership skills and therefore, someone with this attribute is perfect for those roles that need to manage other people or to push a team to complete a project. 

  • Influence

This one tells a lot about how a person can inspire other people to do their jobs. That is why, for jobs that need communication skills, people with high influence is perfect for the role. Also, these people are great in the workplace because they can easily communicate with other people, and relate to them in a level that others couldn’t.

  •  Steadiness

This type of professional personality focuses on sincerity and cooperation. They want to have consistency with people and to build deeper relationships. They avoid heated arguments and other aggressive behavior. But instead, they try to be calm and steady pace in working and in achieving things.

  • Conscientiousness

These people focus on quality instead of speed. And at the same time, they focus on accuracy in their type of work. They are the ones who become experts at the end of the day because of the type of work they do. They focus on achieving their goals in a manner that is planned and methodical. They also like independence in their work and also want to have an objective approach in their works.